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I discovered Schär products a couple of years ago in England. They have an entire product line of gluten free, egg free, wheat free, dairy free and preservative free items.

As many of you that eat gluten free products know, a lot of breads or crackers taste horrible. Super dry and usually resembling something like cardboard. Schär bread was the first brand I have ever had, that resembled real bread! Since it passed my taste test with flying colors, I decided to give their crispbread crackers a go.

For anyone with a soy allergy, note on the back of the box it says “may contain soya.” I don’t have an issue that, but I know a lot of people do.

The Paleo Penguin
Complete ingredient lists. Picture: Erin Chapman.

Over in England, you can buy a box for 1.20 GBP at any Tesco’s, which to me is a bargain compared to some crackers I have tried in Canada.

In Canada, I recently discovered Schär products at Save On Foods, Whole Foods or Thrifty Foods. The problem is a package of these comes up at $8 CAD or a loaf of bread is $9 CAD. Hence why I brought home 4 boxes of these guys when I came back from England in April.

I will ration them out and when I am finished my stash, take the plunge and spend the money for some more. When you have food allergies, you have to get over the extreme prices of some grocery items otherwise you would miss out on more things than you already do.

The box comes with about 20 crackers that are big enough to make a meal out of with some added toppings. They are light, fluffy, and crackly. Just make sure you don’t leave the toppings on the crackers for a long time before you eat them as they will get soggy.

The Paleo Penguin
One of my favorite ways to eat crispbread. Picture: Erin Chapman.

I like to have slices of vegan cheese on the crispbread or spread a vegan cream cheese and top with some veggies, salt and pepper. The only thing I haven’t tried is melting cheese on top. I will have to give that a go at some point.

If you are a cracker lover, give these a try. Also if you don’t live in Vancouver, I found their products available on Amazon Canada and Amazon USA.

I give Schär Gluten Free Crispbread a rating of 5 stars ★★★★★

Note: I was not paid to write this review and this is just my opinion on the product I sampled. If there is a product you want me to sample, drop me a message on Facebook.

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