Restaurant Allergen Lists

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Anyone with food allergies knows how challenging it is to eat out with friends and family. It’s funny when I order at a place, the waiter or waitress always looks at me like what the hell. I usually say, “Sorry, I am awkward.” The sad part is nine times out of ten, they screw up my order despite writing it down.  

I always look up the restaurant online before going somewhere or email them directly if I can’t find anything online. Some places have print versions at their locations and others just simply have the waiter ask the chef.

When I was in England this past April, I learned something interesting. Apparently over there, it is illegal not to have an allergen list available for customers to look at when they order. This made my life so easy when we ate out! Over here in Canada, I would say only about half of places have anything available, which is horrible. 

I wanted to put together a list for restaurants to make things easier for people, like a mini database. Simply scroll down and click on the name.

If at any point you discover the link doesn’t work and needs updating, send me a message on our Facebook page.

If you live in the United States, this website is pretty helpful: Allergy Eats. The have a database where you can look up by locations. 


Boston Pizza

Cactus Club: you must email their guest services



Fat Burger




New York Fries



Pizza Hut

Red Robin’s


The Keg

Tim Horton’s


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